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First computer at Rotax

A new “colleague” arrives at Rotax in Gunskirchen

Towards the middle of the 1960s Gunskirchen too succumbs to the attraction of bits and bytes. At the start of the decade, the forefather of the first personal computer (PC), the IBM Group from America, develops the first electronic computing device and thus enables mathematicians, engineers and users who are good with numbers to undertake complex calculations. It is a groundbreaking innovation. The Rotax Accounts Department is also increasingly impressed by the opportunities presented by computerization. As early as 1967, Rotax Gunskirchen is managing its accounts using the state-of-the-art IBM 1130 Computing System. Transactions, accounts, analyses and complex calculations are all taken over by the 16-bit system, which saves the relevant data on a 1 (one) megabyte hard disk. Though the system was originally intended for a highly specific target group, Rotax, and in particular its employees, succeed in adapting it to their own purposes. From the earliest days of digitalization, therefore, Rotax demonstrates its openness to new technologies.

The Rotax Accounts Department is supported by a state-of-the-art IBM computer system as early as 1967. (BPR-Rotax company archives)
In the mid-1960s, Rotax is an early adopter of computer systems. (Envato Elements)

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