The 100th anniversary

Homotechnicus chalk outline

To mark its 100th anniversary, BRP-Rotax unveils a new artwork on the traffic island in front of the entrance to the company building. An artwork that was believed to have been lost is discovered in the course of construction work in the entrance area. Both are linked by a story that is now making history.


The redesigned traffic island is a work by Wels artists Klara Kohler and Franz Frauenlob. The work symbolises mobility, effortlessness, momentum and power – qualities that typify the Rotax brand.

In the course of construction work in the entrance area, an artwork that was believed lost is discovered behind a wall: the 1972 chalk drawing Homotechnikus by artist Franz Kohler. He chose the term “homotechnikus” to honour people who bring a creative, methodical and playful approach to their work. This historical work was long thought to have been lost, but now Homotechnikus is given a gleaming new look and leads visitors through to a history that links yesterday with today and tomorrow.

“We make history, even as we preserve it and reinterpret it. It is what we invent that is innovative, but sometimes it is also what we discover, as this example demonstrates.” (Dr. Wolfgang Rapberger, GM BRP-Rotax / Management Board Representative)

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