Responsibility for resources and the environment

More than a day of action – areas of focus and initiatives for greater sustainability

Since the mid-2010s, Rotax has used the international Earth Day initiative to highlight responsible approaches to the planet’s resources, emphasizing the role both of the company and of every individual when it comes to the environment. Talks, year-round initiatives and special events – Gunskirchen reinterprets Rotax Earth Day year by year and it thus becomes an engaging and motivational checkpoint for the entire workforce.

Around 180 Rotax employees take part in the car-free day to mark European Mobility Week in September 2019. (BPR-Rotax company archives)
Rotax Earth Day has been celebrated in Gunskirchen since 2010 and sets a benchmark for a more responsible approach to resources and the environment. The day of action is marked in 2018 with an in-house farmers market. (BPR-Rotax company archives)

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