Rotax & Bombardier celebrate 50 years of collaboration

A shared vision becomes reality

March 5, 1970, is the start of a success story. The Canadian Bombardier Group takes over the Austrian Lohner-Werke company and with it Rotax in Gunskirchen. From the very first meeting between company founder and snowmobile pioneer Joseph A. Bombardier and the Rotax management it is clear: It’s a match! The companies share the same vision of high-performance, innovative powertrains, place value on personal, even family, partnerships, and take bold steps, even in the economically and socially turbulent years of the 1970s, to safeguard and further extend the Gunskirchen site. And there’s more: Restructuring around the sale of the Powersports division at the start of the new millennium ultimately positions Rotax as a central hub in the BRP Group. And this paves the way for the company to consolidate its position on the market as a producer of premium powertrains.

Celebrating the start of something big. Bombardier-Rotax is founded on March 5, 1970, beginning a very special success story. (BPR-Rotax company archives)

50 years – a day of celebration

Gunskirchen celebrates this very special day together: The management team and employees mark the golden jubilee of the company’s collaboration with its Canadian parent in typically Austrian style, with traditional Leberkässemmel [meat loaf buns] and Sachertorte. The former BRP Supervisory Board Chairman, Laurent Beaudoin and BRP CEO, Director and Chairman of the Board José Boisjoli send a video message with their congratulations on the Canadian-Austrian success story.

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