Introduction of the company suggestions scheme (RVVS)

A component of the Rotax Quality Production System (RQPS)

At the start of the new millennium, a culture change takes place at Rotax. Rodger Lewis, a longstanding senior manager at Toyota and General Motors, takes the helm as CEO in Gunskirchen. His idea of company-wide reorganization and restructuring, in particular for production processes, results in the RQPS – the Rotax Quality Production System. And at the center of the culture change are individual employees: Every individual and every team should contribute to the success of Rotax. A suggestions scheme aims to provide the necessary inspiration and incentive.

In 2016, nearly 16 years after the introduction of the RVVS (Rotax staff suggestion scheme), the company celebrates the implementation of its 100,000th suggestion. (BPR-Rotax company archives)

The Rotax Staff Suggestion Scheme (RVVS)

The aim of the Rotax Staff Suggestion Scheme, (Rotax Verbesserungs-Vorschlags-Systems, RVVS) is to motivate staff and encourage them to get actively involved. It is their day-to-day commitment and their will to optimize and improve processes that ensure the company’s success. A bonus scheme acts as a particular incentive, with employees recognized for any of their suggestions that are implemented and being rewarded by management. Something that in many workplaces is seen as a laborious task becomes a popular and much-used tool to enable staff to have a say in the direction of the company. Today around 30 ideas are submitted to the RVVS every day, demonstrating that change is not a risk or a reason to be fearful, it’s an opportunity for improvement!

What started with the RQPS (Rotax Quality Production System) is extended across the Group from 2008 as the BRPMS (BRP Management System), to improve business processes. (BPR-Rotax company archives)

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